About us

Fresh Advancements is a high volume importer and wholesaler of fresh produce located at the Ontario Food Terminal. Purchasing in large quantities allows us to achieve significant volume savings that we pass directly to the customer.

To accommodate our extensive catalogue of produce items, Fresh Advancements currently operates out of three full stalls within the Ontario Food Terminal. One stall carries conventional staple items, such as lettuce, celery, onions, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, apples, and assorted berries. Our second stall offers fresh organic produce and we are privileged to be the largest provider of organic produce within the Ontario Food Terminal.

Our customers incude companies from a wide range of industries, including food service distributors, major retailers and independent restauranteurs. Give Fresh Advancements a call and gain access to the world's freshest produce.
A bit of history...

The Bamford Family were one of founders of the Ontario Food Terminal in 1954.

Before 1954, the hub for produce wholesaling was St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto. This is where James Bamford and Sons Produce was located. The company has been thriving since 1881.

After years away from the Ontario Food Terminal, The Bamford Family returned in 2003 with the acquisition of the Fresh Advancements stall. Fresh Advancements marks the 4th Generation of Bamfords in the produce industry.

Since 2003, the single stall has expanded to three stalls. Together with Freshline Foods, our processing and fresh cut division, along with Bamford Produce, our food service distribution division, the Bamford Family is uniquely positioned to service wholesalers, retailers and the food service industry.